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At first the vase was used as a vessel for storing water, and only later, its purpose changed, it became an ornament of the house. At all times, women wanted to somehow decorate their home, so that a man would not want to leave it, and if he still leaves, so that he returns home. Vases with flowers were used for such purposes. Flowers were harvested as in meadows, and they were cut from a private garden. They created compositions and put them in vases around the house. The vases were clay, glass, crystal, and even iron. But when the vase is empty in a house without flowers, it will overtake the longing for its owner. Therefore, it is imperative to give your women bouquets. Let it not be a holiday and not a birthday, let this bouquet be for your dear women just like that, from the heart. And add to the flowers you can also have a vase that will remind you of every time flowers appear in the house.
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