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Orchids in flowerpots

Купить орхидею с доставкой

Orchid Phalaenopsis is by far the most popular kind of indoor plants, which deserves the buyers' demand with uncomplicated care, as well as an extraordinary variety of shapes and shades. It is this refined plant that often serves as an exquisite gift for any celebration and memorable event. In the environment of florists and phyto-designers it is a favorite ornament of social receptions, festive ceremonies, luxurious show-windows of boutiques and expensive salons. Delivery of indoor phalaenopsis orchids to the house provides florists-lovers with exquisite beauty, affectionately referred to as a butterfly orchid.

In our online store you can buy single-and double-edged specimens of this kind of orchids in pots with a specially prepared substrate. It is known that the use of containers for growing orchids Phalaenopsis is recommended from plastic transparent or white, which eliminates overheating of plant roots from sunlight. The pot must have openings for air permeability and ventilation, which will prevent the stagnation of water and decay of the root system of the plant. The drainage layer must always be placed on the bottom of the tank. It is impossible to squeeze the roots of a plant during a transplant, as they require free access to air.

Anyone can buy an orchid with a delivery that we carry out throughout Ukraine. The success of the delivery service is, first of all, the painstaking care of qualified florists who with special trepidation treat each individual order, choosing exclusively fresh and healthy plants. We value our reputation among customers, so delivery of indoor orchids is made by us at the exact time.

Phalaenopsis Orchid is a delicate and fragile beauty, requiring attention and care. However, it is this species that is recommended to purchase for beginners because of its excellent adaptation to new conditions and adaptability to the content at home. The reward for work and care will be a fragrant aroma blooming, lasting more than six months. Then, for a while, the plant "rest" and gain strength to again please its owner with exquisite splendor.

Orchids in pots prefer the location on the eastern and western windows, since they do not accept direct sunlight. Watering should be moderate, accompanied by copious spraying with warm, settled water. It is not recommended to place an orchid in the immediate vicinity of the heating system, which drains the air and the plant itself. At the time of active growth and flowering Phalaenopsis orchid must be fed with special fertilizers.

Buy orchid with delivery across Ukraine can be accompanied by a greeting card or a remarkable souvenir. Delivery of flowers to the addressee is able to emphasize not only special attention, but also a sense of taste and finesse of the sender!

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