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Bouquet of 1 branch white orchids

1450 UAH

Bouquet of 19 flowers white and pink orchids

2290 UAH

Bouquet of 3 flowers orchids

912 UAH

Bouquet of 1 branch white orchids

1440 UAH

Bouquet of 5 branches pink orchids

1097 UAH

Bouquet of 1 branch yellow orchids

1475 UAH

Bouquet of 3 branches pink orchids

3680 UAH

Bouquet of 5 branches multi-colored orchids

1080 UAH

Bouquet of 1 branch pink orchids

1460 UAH

Bouquet of 1 branch orchids

1490 UAH

Orchids - tender beautiful flowers, a symbol of love, youth and perfection! In many cultures they were and are the object of admiration and worship. People believe that bouquets of orchids bring good luck and help to achieve their most cherished goals, to come true to the most secret desires. In our online store for the sale of flowers you can find a wide variety of bouquets, including those where the role of the main flower is performed by aristocratic and elegant orchids. Their variety is so great that bouquets can satisfy the taste of any, even the most pretentious buyer: tender pink, innocent white, sunny yellow flowers - for those who appreciate the classics, or extravagant purple, blue and light green shades - for lovers exotics.

In addition, among these exquisite children of nature there are orchids with marble ornament or contrast spots, with rounded or slightly elongated petals, with strict lines of the edge or, conversely, with a playfully openwork fringe. Delivery of bouquets of flowers from orchids of any color and shape is a service provided by our online store to all connoisseurs of a noble flower. But not only the bud can differ from each other, but also the bouquets of orchids impress with their diversity. Our florists create real masterpieces that can become both a good gift and a beautiful decoration of any holiday.

Here you can find lush and slightly pompous compositions that are ideal for women who love luxury, for a lady with a refined taste, fine and slightly reserved orchid bouquets are fine, and tender little wedding bouquets of these flowers will be the best addition to the unique image of any bride. Flower delivery - the opportunity to create an atmosphere of a gentle tale in one of the most important days of your life or the life of people close to you, and our online store is an excellent assistant in this. Bouquets, collected from orchids, are good and as an extraordinary, but effective decoration of the wedding celebration. They can decorate a festive table, wedding arch or car, in which the newlyweds will go.

Arranged in vases throughout the hall, magnificent masterpieces of floristry will delight the culprits of the celebration and all the guests invited by them. Any flower composition presented on our virtual pages and the flower composition that you come to like will easily become yours, thanks to the fact that our online store delivers bouquets of flowers from orchids throughout Ukraine in a short time. We help to decorate your life and make the holidays unforgettable!

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