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New Year's compositions


New Year's Basket of cones

1909 UAH

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Christmas Composition of roses and cones

2277 UAH

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New Year's composition Snow

1260 UAH

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Composition for the New Year from a candle

2491 UAH

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New Year's composition Happy New Year

2014 UAH

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Composition for the New Year from roses and orchids

2542 UAH

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Tabletop New Year Composition of 15 roses with 3 candles

2967 UAH

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Table Christmas composition

2067 UAH

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Christmas composition with a candle

2200 UAH

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Gift for Christmas and New Year

2067 UAH

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Christmas composition

2542 UAH

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Buy a New Year's composition from flowers

2412 UAH

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Composition with a candle on New Year

1539 UAH

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Composition of red roses and carnations

2332 UAH

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Basket of flowers with New Year decor

3022 UAH

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Christmas composition with roses and toys

2437 UAH

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New Year is always a favorite holiday since childhood. On New Year's Eve, gifts are always given and everyone is eagerly waiting for him to come and receive New Year's gifts! What can serve as a good and original gift for the New Year? Of course, this is an original Christmas composition made of flowers, New Year toys, cones and other decor. Live flowers in combination with spruce branches and other Christmas decorations will create a real New Year atmosphere in the house. You can choose any New Year's composition on our site or make an individual order for the production and delivery of the New Year's composition that you want.

All Christmas and New Year's compositions represent absolutely different variants of their creation and decoration. In the New Year's compositions, when they are created, absolutely different New Year decorative elements and ornaments are used, which makes each composition for the New Year original and unlike the others. Some New Year's songs contain Christmas candles, which you can light for a festive dinner.

New Year's compositions can be made both from fresh flowers, and from artificial flowers, which look also very beautiful. But we in our shop give preference to New Year's compositions from fresh flowers and live branches of fir or pine. Since nothing can replace the wonderful aroma of a living flower and branches of a Christmas tree. A real New Year smell, the smell of celebration and winter forest. Only compositions for the New Year from fresh flowers will be able to give you this joy.

In the New Year's compositions, too, artificial snow is often used for decoration, so as to give the branches a spruce effect of "snow cover". Composition of snowy branches of pine or if it looks very beautiful and original. In addition to the use of artificial snow, a means can also be used to make spruce branches or New Year's toys golden in color. For additional decorations quite often florists use New Year's toys of different colors.

New Year's compositions quite often use many companies for New Year's decoration of their offices - it is now very fashionable and beautiful. For this perfectly fit the table Christmas songs. Also, songs are used as a gift for friends or relatives, and for decorating your own home. You can create a New Year's composition with your own hands or order it from us in the store. Buy a New Year's composition is very easy. The site provides a huge number of a variety of payment methods.

You only need to choose a New Year's composition, which you liked and place your order, and everything else is for us. Our florists will compose the composition, and the courier will deliver it to the right address on the right day and congratulate you on your behalf with the New Year holidays of the recipient. If you have a desire, then to the New Year's composition you can add other gifts: champagne, sweets, cake, etc.

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