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New Year's Basket


Fruit basket. Weight: 5.5-6 kg

1230 UAH

Basket with sweets and wine

1585 UAH

Basket with champagne, sweets and fruits

1450 UAH

Gift fruit basket on the New Year with flowers and a Christmas tree

1674 UAH

presence isn't stable


Christmas basket with flowers and fruits

1815 UAH

presence isn't stable


Christmas Gift basket

1617 UAH

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Gift basket for Christmas or New Year

1617 UAH

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Fruit basket with Christmas decoration

1305 UAH

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Basket with champagne on New Year's Eve

1248 UAH

presence isn't stable


Gift basket for the New Year

1674 UAH

presence isn't stable

Before the New Year we added a special section with New Year gift baskets so that you could congratulate your family and friends on the New Year and Christmas and give them a gift basket with fruits or sweets. In this section you can view and choose any of the presented baskets for a gift. It can be a fruit basket, a basket of sweets or a basket with joint gifts and flowers.

Gift Basket is the original option when choosing a gift for New Year or Christmas, and for any other holiday. All the baskets have a very impressive appearance and a beautiful decoration with floristic material. Such a gift will serve as a pleasant and unexpected surprise at any celebration. Be original - order a gift basket with delivery!

This kind of gifts, like gift baskets, has very old roots. For the first time gift baskets gained their popularity in America and Canada, as gifts for the New Year and Christmas, and only then gradually gained their worthy place in the category of gifts and in European countries.

Particularly relevant are gift baskets in the category "Gifts for men". After all, you must agree that finding the original gift to a man is not an easy task. With gifts for women, everything is much easier. And then you just come to the aid gift baskets. And whether it's your boss, spouse, co-worker or just a good friend - be sure, such a creative gift will be appreciated.

Of course, there are gift baskets that are more suitable for a gift to a woman than a man. In particular, a basket of sweets, which contain a wide variety of chocolate and chocolate bars with sweets. Also, such gifts, no doubt, will be happy and children. It is difficult to find a child who does not like sweets.

In addition, a gift basket can be presented not separately, but as an addition to a bouquet of flowers or a flower basket. As you can see, there are a lot of options for congratulating a gift basket, so choose a basket that you like and order it with delivery directly to your friends or relatives! Such a gift will be especially joyfully received during the New Year holidays!

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