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Long Lasting Roses FLORICH


Green Rose in a gift box

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yellow Rose in a gift box

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Scarlet roses in the box

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FLORICH® roses are flowers that have been grown in an environmentally friendly environment. After cutting the flowers, they undergo additional processing with a special solution ordered by the French company Fleur de France Co. Ltd. Thanks to the impregnation of a solution that accumulates and retains moisture for a long time, FLORICH roses do not fade from 6 months to 4 years old (with proper care and compliance with the terms of use).
The solution, which impregnates flowers, includes food colors and components, widely used in medicine and cosmetics as a basis for ointments and creams. The solution is manufactured in France, developed and patented by Fleur de France Co. Ltd. Roses do not need watering, do not get sick, do not need special lighting and do not lose color with time. These roses are NATURAL, not artificial and not dried flowers. TM FLORICH® products are absolutely safe for human health and the environment, which is confirmed by international certificates and the conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 05.03.02.-03/45921 dated May 18, 2012

FLORICH roses are available in three versions: one rose in a gift box, three roses in a gift box, a long-lasting rose individually - without a box.

One long-lasting rose in a box Long-lasting roses per piece Three long-lasting roses in a box
There is a very large color range of roses, from the usual red, to exotic roses of blue or roses of black color. Roses in a gift box - will serve as an excellent gift by themselves, but roses are used individually for making bouquets or compositions.
If you are looking for an original gift - long-lasting FLORICH roses - this is what you need. This is the dream of every girl, when she receives flowers as a gift, so that roses as long as possible are as beautiful as they were presented. Order now a long-lasting rose with delivery in Ukraine and surprise your loved ones with such an unusual gift!
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