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Bouquet of 25 daisy chrysanthemums

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Bouquet of 35 daisy chrysanthemums

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Bouquet of 45 daisy chrysanthemums

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Bouquet of 15 daisy chrysanthemums

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Bouquet of 15 white chrysanthemums

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Bouquet of 7 white chrysanthemums

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Bouquet of 9 white chrysanthemums

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Bouquet of 11 daisy chrysanthemums

760 UAH

Chamomile often cause associations with the color of Russian nature. These modest flowers, related to astrological, with miraculous healing properties know in different parts of the globe. It has more than fifty species, of which more than a quarter is growing in the Russian Federation. The name of the plant is like "romana", that is, "Roman". Previously, this flower was called roman grass. Sometimes this representative of the flora was called the "surprised eye", surrounded by many cilia. Chamomile - a favorite folklore image, which is associated with numerous beliefs, legends, signs, fortune telling. What is the well-known "love-does not like", associated exclusively with this flower.

Bouquets of chamomiles are relatively inexpensive, but very tender and touching. They fit both young ladies and women of venerable age. Differently look small in eleven flowers and a huge one-hundred-one flower arrangement. Quite effective are bouquets of chamomiles with delphiniums, forget-me-nots, cornflowers, bells, various herbs. You can just give chamomiles separately. However, one thing remains the same: these sunny plants are beautiful and soulful. If your wedding will be in the style of eco or country, then a chamomile bouquet that emphasizes the innocence of the bride will be very welcome.

It is believed that this divine plant is endowed with special power and speaks of the sincere feelings of the beloved. Florists make up the bouquet. They, connecting chamomiles with various colors, strings of pearls, beads, beads, bright ribbons and stripes of fabric, create true works of art. Bouquets in the form of a circle, drops, cascade of flowers show a beautiful composition. Choose a bouquet is necessary, consistent with the style of the bridal dress. With a magnificent outfit, a huge bouquet of chamomiles will be very appropriate. With a straight and tight dress, a miniature camomile composition with green leaves is needed, which introduces a "zest" to the bride's image.

By the way, timely delivery of bouquets from chamomiles, carried out by our Internet-shop within Ukraine, will facilitate the process of preparing for the holiday. We can buy chamomiles and order a florist a trial copy of the bouquet. This will save you from worrying about the important attribute of the wedding celebration. In any case, be sure that the delivery of bouquets of chamomiles on time and at its best is guaranteed to you.

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