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Bouquets of roses


Bouquet of 23 red roses

2425 UAH

Bouquet of 21 multi-colored roses

1967 UAH

Bouquet of 11 white roses

1084 UAH

Bouquet of 101 red roses

10128 UAH

Bouquet of 75 roses

7180 UAH

Bouquet of 101 roses

10284 UAH

Bouquet of 55 white roses

4997 UAH

Bouquet of 5 red roses

736 UAH

Heart of 101 roses

9888 UAH

Bouquet of 1001 roses!

80880 UAH

Bouquet of 15 red roses

1516 UAH

Bouquet of 55 multicolored roses

5279 UAH
Probably, every man knows how to make a pleasant surprise to his beloved! However, if you are lost when choosing a gift, there is a win-win option - a love bouquet of fragrant flowers. But what if you do not know the preferences of your chosen one yet? Choose a bouquet of roses! These flowers will bring your feelings better than any high-sounding phrases! After all, the rose is not easy to wear the title of "queen of all colors" and is the most popular way to express sympathy! Our shop offers you the widest assortment of bouquets of roses of various grades and shades! Here you will find flowers for every taste, which will be elegantly decorated by our florists, after it we will deliver roses to anywhere in Ukraine. Scarlet roses tell about your passion, subtle white - about tenderness and care, black will express admiration, and yellow will become a manifestation of friendly feelings! If you have to give a very young lady - an excellent choice will be a round bouquet of twenty-one tender pink buds. Mom and grandmother will be pleased to receive a gift of peach and cream flowers. The solemnity of any event will be emphasized by dairy roses with a neat scarlet fringe. Business partners will be happy with green roses as a wish for prosperity and prosperity. Also, we will compose for you any combination of shades! And the delivery of a bouquet of roses, which is also a service of our store, will save you time. It is worth remembering that the shape of the flowers themselves is of great importance. Very young, not yet blossoming buds hint at the youth of the recipient, with such colors fathers spoil their daughters. And still, unsolved roses can become a symbol of the first tender feelings. And if this gift is to be memorable and memorable, your attention is to VIP bouquets of roses! Luxurious flowers will come at any ceremony, and the donor will be able to prove himself, as a person successful and confident, because roses are a symbol of luxury! About the delivery of flowers you do not have to worry, we are already worried for you! You will receive your gift on time and in perfect condition. A bouquet of roses in the room is always part of the wildlife! Each of the flowers is the embodiment of grace, refinement and beauty! No wonder social networks are full of photos of women of all ages with bouquets in an embrace. After all, roses have long been a sign of love, a manifestation of great interest and serious feelings. And if you want to express a precious person special attention and admiration, choose your choice on a huge bouquet of red roses! You can be sure that such a gift will never be forgotten. In our flower online store you can choose a bouquet of roses, which will number from fifteen to two hundred flowers! In this case, delivery of bouquets from roses is carried out in any city of Ukraine. If you want to light a spark in the eyes of a loved one, then all you need is to choose the best combination of shades of roses from our catalog, and then order the delivery of flowers to the desired address. Give each other happiness!
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