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Specify the possibility of delivery of the order and the availability of flowers / goods in the city you need before paying for the order. Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram - +380974077575

Basic Rules

This main provisions is an integral part of Public Agreement.

1. Placement and taking of orders

1.1. According to section 2.2. Public Agreement, the order can be issued on the site, by phone, skype, online chat or other convenient way for the Client

1.2. The order is considered to be completed correctly when the Customer gave his contact information and filled all the mandatory lines concerning Recipient.

1.3. Correctly completed Customer’s order is accepted for processing, carrying out and delivering only after 100% prepayment of the cost of the order. If the Customer hasn’t made a full prepayment 3 hours before the moment of delivery, the order is going to be cancelled or postponed according to the arrangement with the Customer.

1.4. In case when the Company cannot contact with the Customer not through Company’s fault (meaning inaction), the order is going to be cancelled without any arrangements with the Customer. In case of only partial prepayment, the order is going to be suspended until full payment is made.

2. Order processing

2.1. After placing an order on the site, each order is conferred on a certain status that indicates the phase of processing or carrying out the order at the moment.

2.2. Order statuses change during working hours of the Company. Usually, the order status changes within 5-15 minutes. For example, the delivery time is 8 p.m., 21 May, 2007; the Customer can clarify the order status on 22 May, since 9 a.m. Due to the sharp increase in the number of orders of February 14 and March 8, the order statuses change during the next two days after the date of its carrying out.

2.3. The client can look at the status of his order in his personal account on the company's website or specify the status from the Company's employees during working hours.

2.4. We compose the order a few hours right before the delivery time, indicated by customer if it is made in a right way, paid and took into a process.

2.5. Customer may change any information concerning the order before the moment of composing by consulting the company. Changes in order come into force only after written approval by company.

2.6. Order fulfillment can be suspended if the customer gave not full or incorrect information about the receiver. Order will be taken into process only after approval of new data by the company during its working time.

3. Orders fulfillment

3.1. Delivery of flowers is being made to any place, specified by the Customer: office, home, restaurant, hospital, etc.

3.2. We deliver flowers in time intervals from 8:00 am to 09:00 pm every day. The minimum interval is one hour. The order can be delivered to the recipient not earlier than 2-3 hours from the moment of full order registration, if the other time has not been agreed by the Company's employees, before placing the order.

3.3. The orders "for today" can be accepted only before 4 pm by Kyiv time. If the order "for today" was issued after 15.00 and there is no possibility to deliver it today, the order will be canceled (with the return of funds to the Customer, if it was paid) or the delivery date of the order for another will be changed, upon agreement with the Client.

3.4. In case the Recipient is absent upon courier’s arrival on time specified by the Customer, the order is being delivered to cohabitant or neighbours (friends, people next door) with a purpose of its further delivery to the Recipient.

3.5. In case the Customer has requested to deliver the order without a preliminary call to the recipient to clarify the address and time of delivery and after the arrival of the courier, it turned out that the address that the client gave is incorrect (number of house, apartments or street is incorrect or the Recipient has never lived on the specified address) or when the courier arrives and there is no one at home, the order will be considered completed correctly and completely. The courier can leave an order to neighbors if they do not mind it.

3.6. The Company reserves the right to phone the recipient in case of emergency, even if the customer specified in the order not to call the recipient

4. Photoreport: features of the service

Photoreport - it's a photo the recipient with a bouquet at the time of delivery of the order or a photo of the bouquet.

4.1. Photoreport is a service which is provided free of charge.

4.2. The courier can make a photo of the recipient with the bouquet only if the recipient does not object to it.

4.3. The company don't make warranties concerning the recipient with photos of flowers or gifts at the time of delivery.

In most cases, the lack of pictures is the result of failure of the recipient, at least - the different contingencies from the company (courier). Most often thr delivery of flowers is a surprise for the recipient, which can occur as the early morning and late evening, at home and at work or in any other locations (listed in order), and as a consequence - the recipient isn't ready to shoot.

4.4. The photo can be made with a phone or camera. It depends on the city. Pictures can be different resolution and quality.

4.5. Photos sent to the client in the e-mail, which is specified in the order. Normally, photo reports are provided within 24 hours of delivery of the order, however, in some cases, this process can take up to 5 days.

5. If the order is not executed properly due to the Company’s fault, the Customer can demand a compensation or the order can be executed as soon as possible after the conciliation with the Customer (Policy of refunds). The compensation may not exceed the cost of order.

6. The Company is not responsible for direct or indirect damages/losses (including moral) that can be caused as a result of proper and punctual executing of order (Recipient’s allergy on flowers, food (if it is a part of order), Customer’s and Recipient’s quarrel concerning the order, etc).

7. The Agreement between the Company and the Customer comes into action since its signing and lasts till the executing of order. The moment of executing the order is a moment of delivery of ordered products to its Recipient.